Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My First Jewelry Publication

My First Jewelry Publication

Bead Trends September 2012

Sailboat At Sunset
 Red Creek Jasper Necklace
designed for the inspired by catagory.
My mother was just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and we were told she had 6 months to live.  It wasn't a happy time for me. This was one of the highlights in my life during that time.
 I sent a necklace to Bead Trends to see IF I COULD GET PUBLISHED, honestly no real thoughts at all that I would be accepted. A few weeks after my mothers diagnosis I got my email saying that my necklace was accepted.  I can't begin to tell you the elation I felt.
I will always feel that I am an underdog in the jewelry designing world mostly because I have so much to learn.  That is what I love about jewelry design it is everchanging and evolving.  I have been making jewelry for almost 10 years and have yet to get bored.
You can find my designs at
I am also on Facebook

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

YaY! Jewelry Makes Jewelry for the Vampire Diaries

I have always had a facsination with vampires. I suppose I am drawn to their scary & mysterious magnatism...just like in the shows.

 My first exposure to vampires as a child was when we were living in St. Paul, Minnesota and I remember screaming for my mom in the basement as
came on the black and white television set and I was to scared to get up and turn it off.
Since then Vampires have gotten alot sexier!
 Hello.......Ian Somerhalder!
 He can come over anyday!
I have read all the vampire books and watched all the movies possible...but I would never of dreamed that I would be making some jewelry for the stylist of the
Vampire Diaries TV Series.
I belong to a online juried group that I applied to called The Artisan Group.  When I heard that we had the opportunity to make jewelry for their stylist I jumped on the opportunity. 
I am still in the jurying process here...this is no gaurantee.  So I am sending the stylist 1 necklace and the hope is this....I will get a call back for more ...... my jewelry will be in the TV show which would totally rock and maybe they will like my work so much they will order more.
So I submitted my ideas to my favorite group on facebook.....
These were my designs choices.

I knew I wanted it to be simple so the actress would shine, hip with a hint of old world. 
 I hemmed and hawed for about a week.  Read all of my jewelry friends comments.  Initially I loved number 1 & 3 but I really wanted it to be adjustable.  So then it was 1 & 2.  I love #1 but wondered how functional it would be in an active show.

.........DRUM ROLL.......


What I love about my choice is this, it can be worn in 3 very different styles...it is very versatile. Can be worn right up to the neckline, lower as a dangle or as a pendant. 
 It was a great choice!

 I thank all my jewelry peeps on the Creative Bead Chat for your support when I scratched all my moon pieces and had to order more. My friends were there with advice and suggestions.

 There is a first time for everything....I am not a metal worker so your help and advice was invaluable to me!!!!!!!


Kristin Oppold is a published jewlery artist you can find her jewelry on Etsy at the following website.

She is also on Facebook

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hop On A Chance To Be Featured in Your Local Paper

I was ASKED and didn't have to ASK!
It is a very exciting thing to be asked if you want to be featured in your local newspaper.  Most artists are busy creating and find the learning curve to be proactive in their marketing to be a daunting task. So when Denise Baerg, one of the organizers asked if I would be one of their featured artist  for the Scott County Art Crawl   I jumped on the chance.
I just have to say that as an artist I have had to wears a lot of hats.  I am creative director, marketer, bookeeper, social media expert, writer, blogger, shipping expert, buyer and the most important one artist.  I suppose of all the hats I wear.....the bookeeper is my least favorite and someday my goal is to completely hire that out! The sooner the better.
With the advent of the many social media opportunities to market yourself, you find yourself glued to the computer alot.  I have to discipline myself to take the time to create.  This after all, what truly feeds my soul.
I hope you enjoy little glimpse into my life as an artist.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Crunch Time - Prepping for the Scott County Art Crawl

Wow fall sure brings a hubub of activity in my life.  It is always a time when I am the busiest.  Getting kids back in school, sport sign ups and jewelry shows.  
This will be my second year doing the Scott County Art Crawl. 
I will once again will be showing in my home.  I like the intimacy, the ability to set up way ahead of time and look things over for missing pieces.  I like to have coffee and food and make a place for friends to visit.  I have a pretty good customer base but my last Art Crawl I believe I added a few new fans! 
YaY for YaY! Jewelry.

So I am getting ready and I thought I would showcase some of the work that will be available for purchase at the Art Crawl.  For those new to my work.  I have actually had a hard time coming up with an actual description.  This is what I consider my style to be....and by the way I decided this just a few weeks ago.
 Earthy Urban Chic with a Modern Bohemian Flair
I love this lariat style necklace.  I think the Dragonfly pendant is lovely by one of my favorite pendant artists Angel Whisperer.  This lovely necklace has a Lampwork gear by Radiantmind. Is all set lovingly with Cherry Quartz, Rough Amazonite, Sponge Coral and Lampwork Beads.

I love Chunky Czech Glass and Greek Mykonos Beads.  This is what I really consider an earthy urban chic.  It has a bit of sophistication with the use of the premium Czech Glass but included with a mix of earthy elements like Rough Onyx beads that are square and chunky, wood sticks and the Greek Mykonos Donuts.  I love this asymmetrical look and feel.  Don't worry if you don't like asymmetry I have many more pieces that aren't.  Like my next piece.

This is a very symmetrical cool and sophisticated style again Urban Earthy Chic....I think you can see it here now and below. 

This Chunky Czech Statement Necklace is on of my signiture designs and very popular as I do it in all different colors and metals.  I have even done it in pearls. 

This one is quite romantic with a bird in flight, sari silk ribbon and the richer true colors adds more formality to the piece.  The earthy aspects are a continuation of my esthetic by the handtieing and varying shapes.

I do make other jewelry...I just happen to love to make necklaces...Here are a few Earrings and Bracelets.

This bracelet below was featured in Dakota Stones Website.  I was their featured designer for their new website launch.  Wire wrapped with these lovely Kyanite sticks and I love the scrolled letters spelling "LOVE"  fabulous lampwork beads by Studio Juls.

I won't deny it......I love to make necklaces as you can see. 

 If you wish to see more of my work and many pieces that will be for sale at my upcoming show.  Go to the following link! You will also find all the detail of the sale there to!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Junk Bonanza - Mecca for Jewelry Artist Displays

Junk Bonanza

It is that time of year I really look forward to!
The air is crisp but not so cold you have to wear tights or nylons (GOD FORBID).  
I am thinking about skirts and boots, upcycled necklaces and layers of them, urban architecture, chicken coop wire, barn doors and vintage lace. It is a mecca shopping experience for the decorator, jewelry artist, upcycler, junker or antique dealer.
Its The Junk Bonanza and I Love It!
What I was so impressed with when I first went was the women that go to this thing are REALLY DECKED OUT.  Layers of jewlely, cool haircuts, hip clothing, boots, hats scarves and makeup to perfection.  I know we women are all just dressing for each other and it is eye candy. 
 It is hip and urban and it is really fun to see young shoppers and I mean 20's buying items for their dorm, shop or home.
This is my second year going and it is only 5 miles from my house. It is held in the Cantabury Downs Race Track and it is big! 100s of vendors sell their wares.
I have to say that the 2 pictures below are what really excited me!!!
I love these old bicycle seats made into necklace displays!!!!!  
Soooooo Cooooool!
I just want to hammer away on this sturdy table!!!!!!
Well I definetly can't bring this home.....that would send me to an early grave by my husband. 
Headline News
Husband Murders Jewelry Artist Wife with her Top of The Line Fretz Hammer!
I did find some goodies!!!!!!
I like to buy new things to display my jewelry on every year.  I saw these arcitectural pieces set on stands and saw the jagged top and thought these would be perfect for jewelry displays! I love the chipped paint and I think I can use these to photograph my jewelry also!

There were lots of vendors selling old keys and I was thinking of some Basalt Hearts I have at home.....thought I could incorporate them into my jewelry. 
 Look for my publication in Bead Trends November 2012 issue! You will see my lovely Basalt Hearts in a design there!
I was really giddy about this purchase!!!!!!
I think my jewelry is going to photo graph nicely on these...in fact check out the next few pictures.

I really like the look of these ceiling tiles and may have to go back tommorow and snag a few more!!!!!!

A trip that I will make over and over again and The Junk Bonanza is coming back in the Spring!

I Love It!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Glorious Day of Solitude

It is that time of year when the air starts to get crisp and you see sweet corn stands on the corners.
 The news is talking about all the latest food at the State Fair. 
Like chocolate covered bacon......YUCK.....Fried Pickled.......TOTAL YUM and of course the old standby...corndogs. 
I have been school shopping and getting schedules together and supplies for that first day of school and often this choas taps my energy and makes it hard to create.
So when my husband talked about wanting to go to the Minnesota State Fair I cringed.  I love to spend time with my family but my kids are preteen and teen.  My daughter wants to invite friends and go on rides, she is 13 now so she can brave the fair now and meet up later.  My husband and son want eat like the show Man vs Food and hit every food stand including all the animal barns. I have an allergy to hay plus I don't want to feel like the typical Minnesota State Fair livestock.
 I immediately felt what am I going to do.  If it were me I would hit all the art and craft areas, spending hours looking at those by myself.  So why go.  I don't want to cramp the boys feeding frenzy.  I sheepishly ask my husband if he would mind if I stayed home.  I told him I really don't want to go to be by myself and hitting all the food stands sound delicious but frankly since my mom died I have put on 12 pounds and the thought of all that eating made me feel depressed. 
Plus all the masses of people, look at it this is a picture from this year!!!!  I mean really!
Inwardly I am thinking of  A GLORIOUS DAY OF SOLITUDE......I am relishing the thought.
 I hear a chorus of angels sing
feel the clouds parting in my head.
 Freedom for a day!
I set out the day with a vengence. Had my cup of joe.....did some household chores in the morning but in the afternoon. I was going to CREATE.  I vowed to stay away from facebook...only to post some pictures and make a few comments here and there.
It was a glorious day of creating.  I started out with quite an unusual necklace.  I still have this Tie Chi Necklace in my head that you can see in a previous blog.  There is something unique about that style of necklace that sits up closer to the neckline but runs long.  I got this great ammonite link from Staci Smith and I had these Mother of Pearl circles and it just felt right.
Now I know, as far as resale this necklace is not the first thing to fly off my shelf and I have to reign in those creative juices and think of my customers.  I find that these excercises can really get me started and that is what it did.
My next necklace I finished was the new take on the necklace I sent to actress Denise Richards.  I did this one asymetrically with those rustic Greek Mykonos donuts, wire wrapped wood sticks and rough matte square Onyx beads. 

Keeping with the theme and look that I started, I moved on to the same feel with the Greek Mykonos disks but did this with these lovely large silvery gray Czech Glass beads. This one I set with rough nugget shaped Pyrite from Dakota Stones.

It is always exciting when you first start in....as you wonder what will catch your eye in your masses of supplies.  The inspiration usually comes from shape color and or texture of the stone or pendant.  I opened up my Artisan Bead drawer, which is in its early stages of collection and this lovely and lively orange ginko leaf popped out from Shaterra  and then I remembered that sponge coral that I had.  I had also been wanting to play with my Sari Silk ribbon from Designed Talented Done on Etsy.  I had made some sari links before and thought I would just play.  I love purple and orange in my garden pots so I decided to add some purple Faux pearls.

Last one of the day I started after everyone was home with stories about all the food they ate and crowds they fought and I felt serene......accomplished and satisfied.


I love what I do and make what I love.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Tea Instead!

ToDaY Is JUst OnE oF tHosE DaYS ThAT THiNGS DoN'T gO As PLannED.
I promise that I won't type like that way thoughout this blog but this is how things are going. uP ANd DOwn. So I started yesterday with this necklace.

This is one of my signiture designs that I make often because they sell.  In fact it is based on the design I sent actress Denice Richards through The Artisan Group.  I have some components on the left that you can see.  Those wavy copper chips.  Well I want to patina them. So I am using some of Metal Me This from Lisa Liddy.  This is my first time using her patina. I am finding out that I am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting for it to dry.  I usually start - design and finish.  Welcome me to the world of Artisan Jewelry Design.  I am a newby and learning.

So while I am waiting for them to dry I pull out the peices of that ugly bracelet that I have been working on to upcycle. Here it is.

I cut this apart and pulled out the wood peices and started to play with it. 

Thought I need to drill some more holes in it.  Go out to the garage to get my Dremel.  Lets just say this is what my husband workbench looks like. 

Okay in all fairness to my husband
We both have struggles with organization.  I show his, well I show mine....here is my jewelry desk RIGHT NOW!

So back to the dremel.....you are now getting an inkling into this chaotic mind I have.  So the Dremel, all of my bits are gone!  My son and my husband have gotten into them.  One year my dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said I want a tool box with a lock on it.
So I went to Walmart to buy more, because I am thinking of this upcycled necklace as the first necklace is waiting for its patina's peices.
I come home and cant get the bit out of the dremel. Years of neglet will do that to your tools. 
Okay so I called my son  just like they call me everyday!!!!  Wonder who they got that from!  BEN!!!!!
I am not to proud to say that I used a few choice words while trying to get that darn bit out.
Well big pooh and a half!
Its an old saying and overused and kind of fuddy duddy...
"When life gives you lemons make lemonade"

Well I like to try to think on the positve side so I ask myself as my dremel isn't
working and I can't work on my upcycled necklace and my chips are drying for my new take on the above necklace.

 I Cant Control Those Things Now..........What Can I Control

Instead Of Making Lemonade, Make Tea! and then sit on your deck......

with your puppy

Another day then.......toodles.