Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet My New Studio

Meet My New Studio
In The Beginning 

Some of you know that my husband and I recently moved to the lake.  We had been shopping for a house for over a year and saving our pennies.
I remember buying this draftsman table fondly. We were living in Des Moines Iowa and I bought it for  $15.00 at a garage sale.  I proudly brought it home, parked it in the Dining Room Corner and called that my studio, much to my husband Toms disfavor. We were living in an old 1930's house.  I still think of that house fondly.  It was our first home and it was a fixer upper and we did it all.

At this time in my life I wasn't making jewelry I was mostly scrapbooking.  It was after we had our second child.  My husband graduated from Law School and I quit my job as a Product Manager of a Medical Supply Company.  I left the 9-5 to stay home with our children, Ben & Kate.  I do have to say it frightened me to stay home with my kids.  I loved to work and I didn't know that being a domesticate would make me happy.

One thing I did know was that being creative would help.  It actually worked out quite well.  I would park my children at the table with some old computer paper with the perforations, I used to bring that home from work, you might remember those long reports.  We would have crayons, paints and colored pencils and the creativity flowed from all of us.  
It was wonderful and it kept me sane and happy.  It also bonded me and my kids in a creative way.

Then there was a 6 foot table

Those that know me well know that my interests often jump around.  I will be gang busters on something only to realize a month later that I hate it.  Quilting was one of those.  I vow never to make another quilt again in my life.

As hobbies go they become quite expansive.  My husband realized that quite quickly that I needed diversions as a domesticate.  That I would never quite be satisfied cleaning, cooking and carting kids around.  We had moved to Savage, Minnesota.  Where I got to graduated to having a spare bedroom as my place to create.  You can see my blog on that space here.

So the Bucket List for me is all the things I haven't learned yet.  Like solder, silver fusion, saw and to be honest the list is quite expansive.  This area above is where I am hoping to spend sometime doing that in my new space.  A plastic table I know isn't ideal so I will be looking for something to overlay or to replace.  We all start from somewhere and mine was that draftsman table above.

When I started to make jewelry it was mostly for fun and for free.  As hobbies go, they get a mind of their own and the jewelry  became a business.  So we added some additional storage to my expanding world.

Well this is a dream come true really.  I would never of dreamed that I would have this wonderful space to create 10 plus years ago.  This is were I will be doing most of my designing.  I love having tables surround me.  You can never have enough surfaces to work.

We all need a little motivation and caffeine is my friend!

My office space is here.  I spend more time here than actually creating.  Nothing but some good self discipline can handle that.  That being said I love my new friends on Facebook.  They have expanded my jewelry knowledge and helped me see what I was doing was important and relevant.

The hope is to adorn people across the planet with some of my jewelry, thus the shipping area.  I have to say I am really liking this little space, it is perfect for putting the final touches on my packages and keeping me organized.

Function usually comes first in my studio but do like to have a small area to display some of my latest work.

Last but not least the most important person / animal needs his spot too.

I am so fortunate to have this wonderful space to work and to think it all started with that little draftsman table.

So lets get creating.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Back

I'm Back

Well at least as back as I can be.  Some of you knew that I am now living on a lake and to be more specific Prior Lake.

We had been looking for a lake home for over a year and saving our pennies.  One of my wish lists was to have a dedicated studio with a attached garage and cement floor.  Look out you might get what you ask for.  I have a view of my lake from my studio window and an attached garage and cement floor!!!!  WooooHooo.  

I am still moving in so more photos on that later.  But after being closed for more than 2 months to sell, move and clean my new and old house, along with my recovery from frozen shoulder.  I am now back open with an exciting new line of jewelry!

Between the Lines Collection

Some exciting things will be happening with this line in 2014 but mums the word on that until March!!!!!

In the meantime you can find many of these designs in my shop. 

Inspired by my sisters love of Willie Nelson with some added Whimsey.

I love to use Artisan Made Beads.  

Bubby McGurk, Angel Whisperer, Scorched Earth and some really lovely high quality stones from Dakota Stones in these designs.

More To Come!  So Glad To Be Back In The Saddle!

OK I couldn't resist !!!!