Saturday, January 31, 2015

What Do You Make With Ancient Beads Dated Before Christ?

I love interesting stories behind jewelry.  I always hope to have some of those myself.

Do you remember Happy Days?????

Now I am showing my age here.  I used to love that show, all the boys in my high school wanted to be the Fonz.  Well this story really isn't about the Fonz but the lovable goofy character Potsie played by Anson Williams.  I always love to laugh as a kid and this character always made me smile.

I got a Facebook message from an artist friend of mine, Lisa Peters who is a very successful component artist at Lisa Peters Art.  She told me her sister was gifted some ancient beads that Anson Williams bought in his travels.  They are Egyptian Beads that he bought at the Sadigh Gallery of Ancient Art on 5th Avenue in New York City --- the paper work reads that the mummy beads are dated late kingdom 600-300 BC and the Pendant Egyptian Faience Ankh 305-3- BC.BC (before Christ) and museum quality.  A lot of good these beads do sitting in a drawer at home so she wanted an interesting, artsy but wearable necklace made out of them.

My immediate response is Hell Yeh!  Then my nerves get the better of me when I realize their value and how old they are.  Funny she put a note in the package when they arrived that said 
"Don't Be Afraid"!!

I won't deny I didn't find much information on beads dated from that era or jewelry design.  My understanding though was that these came from a garment.  It was very spiritual working with beads this old.  I wished I could of met the person who made them and who wore them.

I  did an initial mock up design with some other beads as I was worried about the smaller ones and their fragility. The goal was to come up with a design that was interesting and artsy.  I was hoping to bring some of the Era to the piece.  I know that bib designs were popular from that era so I went with that and I think it turned out to be quite successful.

I even got to make a pair of earrings.

Those of you who know me....know that I make good use of my if you like this design I will be making more necklaces in this fashion.  Here is my first with Ocean Jasper, Horn, Czech Glass, Hill Tribes Copper and Jade.  You can get this necklace at 

Anson Williams has a new book out called Singing To The Bulldog that is a big hit about his journey to Happy Days and the mentors in his life.  

I can't wait to get my copy!!!!!