Friday, September 28, 2012

Hop On A Chance To Be Featured in Your Local Paper

I was ASKED and didn't have to ASK!
It is a very exciting thing to be asked if you want to be featured in your local newspaper.  Most artists are busy creating and find the learning curve to be proactive in their marketing to be a daunting task. So when Denise Baerg, one of the organizers asked if I would be one of their featured artist  for the Scott County Art Crawl   I jumped on the chance.
I just have to say that as an artist I have had to wears a lot of hats.  I am creative director, marketer, bookeeper, social media expert, writer, blogger, shipping expert, buyer and the most important one artist.  I suppose of all the hats I wear.....the bookeeper is my least favorite and someday my goal is to completely hire that out! The sooner the better.
With the advent of the many social media opportunities to market yourself, you find yourself glued to the computer alot.  I have to discipline myself to take the time to create.  This after all, what truly feeds my soul.
I hope you enjoy little glimpse into my life as an artist.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Kristen, that is amazing news and the article reads really well. Good luck on that bookkeeper issue LOL.

  2. I"m so thrilled for you! And eagerly following your progress, looking for all the tidbits I can! :)