Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Good Day Number 1!

,First as I write this I am thinking of all the people that might criticize me for telling you what makes a good day for me.  I preface this by saying that I am an individual with unique talents and gifts, individual in my beliefs, one of a kind in my personal experiences and one of a kind in the world.  I am only one and that in itself makes me feel really special and makes me say

...... Thanks God! .........

I think it is important to ask yourself that question because you can always go back to it and remind yourself what makes a good day for you. Ask yourself .... What was I doing?  Who was I with?  Where was I?  When I need to, I can go back to that tool kit of good days and say....that was a wonderful day or that person really made me feel good about me. These are learned experiences based on your unique individualism that can always bring you back to doing what, where and with who ....... when you really need it.

My good day number 1.

I love the North Shore!  Well that is what we call it in Minnesota.  It is the shoreline of  Lake Superior from Duluth on up to Canada.  It is full of  State Parks, pebbly beaches, hiking, biking, nature, scenery and great food.  I have been going up there to agate hunt since I was a child.  I think my neighbors were happy about that because then they didn't have to yell at me to get out of there rock beds.

After my mom passed my husband Tom had to make a business trip up to Duluth and asked me to go with.  He rented a car for his business activities and met me later at the beach.  It was the perfect place to rejuninate, soak up the mist, sun, listen to the water and throw myself into the rocks and just be.  This is one of my rejuvinating spaces and is my toolkit of places that make me feel grounded and peaceful.

Although my daughter Kate wasn't with me on this trip this was one of the many we took up there as a family.  Being silly and goofy and YES we were both drinking Starbucks!

Everytime I see this photo I laugh!!!!  Okay I have to say my daughter is quite a bit older than this photo now but what it reminds me of is the laughter and the lightheartedness we feel as a family.  Being carefree with each other and in the simplicity of nature....WHAT A GIFT!

When your kids play and not fight, all because of that one special place.

Where we get to commune with the big vast world of water, rocks and majesty.  How wonderful.  How beautiful and how thankful I am for my Good Day Number 1 and to God for being the creator of this beautiful art!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012