Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Crunch Time - Prepping for the Scott County Art Crawl

Wow fall sure brings a hubub of activity in my life.  It is always a time when I am the busiest.  Getting kids back in school, sport sign ups and jewelry shows.  
This will be my second year doing the Scott County Art Crawl. 
I will once again will be showing in my home.  I like the intimacy, the ability to set up way ahead of time and look things over for missing pieces.  I like to have coffee and food and make a place for friends to visit.  I have a pretty good customer base but my last Art Crawl I believe I added a few new fans! 
YaY for YaY! Jewelry.

So I am getting ready and I thought I would showcase some of the work that will be available for purchase at the Art Crawl.  For those new to my work.  I have actually had a hard time coming up with an actual description.  This is what I consider my style to be....and by the way I decided this just a few weeks ago.
 Earthy Urban Chic with a Modern Bohemian Flair
I love this lariat style necklace.  I think the Dragonfly pendant is lovely by one of my favorite pendant artists Angel Whisperer.  This lovely necklace has a Lampwork gear by Radiantmind. Is all set lovingly with Cherry Quartz, Rough Amazonite, Sponge Coral and Lampwork Beads.

I love Chunky Czech Glass and Greek Mykonos Beads.  This is what I really consider an earthy urban chic.  It has a bit of sophistication with the use of the premium Czech Glass but included with a mix of earthy elements like Rough Onyx beads that are square and chunky, wood sticks and the Greek Mykonos Donuts.  I love this asymmetrical look and feel.  Don't worry if you don't like asymmetry I have many more pieces that aren't.  Like my next piece.

This is a very symmetrical cool and sophisticated style again Urban Earthy Chic....I think you can see it here now and below. 

This Chunky Czech Statement Necklace is on of my signiture designs and very popular as I do it in all different colors and metals.  I have even done it in pearls. 

This one is quite romantic with a bird in flight, sari silk ribbon and the richer true colors adds more formality to the piece.  The earthy aspects are a continuation of my esthetic by the handtieing and varying shapes.

I do make other jewelry...I just happen to love to make necklaces...Here are a few Earrings and Bracelets.

This bracelet below was featured in Dakota Stones Website.  I was their featured designer for their new website launch.  Wire wrapped with these lovely Kyanite sticks and I love the scrolled letters spelling "LOVE"  fabulous lampwork beads by Studio Juls.

I won't deny it......I love to make necklaces as you can see. 

 If you wish to see more of my work and many pieces that will be for sale at my upcoming show.  Go to the following link! You will also find all the detail of the sale there to!