Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Blue Grass and Studio Cleaning

Something about Blue Grass Music keeps up the pace in my studio while creating or cleaning. 
Love Pandora!

Now to the fancy footwork...yes you are allowed to dance.  You know we jewelry artists sit often working at the jewelry desk so a little fancy footwork across the room might burn off ONE salt water taffy.  NOT.  But I can dream right.

Video Uploading Wait a few seconds Here

So Flint says "I am out of here, Mom is a better jewelry artist than dancer" 

Everyone is a critic!

I would never of dreamed that I would spark people to want to clean up.  So my friend Sharyl of Sharyls Jewelry decided to do a blog hop on just that.  So even though my studio was clean at the time you all know how that goes.  Creative people are always getting their hands into it so here are some of my before and after pictures. I set my timer and this cleaning took me 1 hour and 5 minutes.  So if you set your mind to it.  It can be done.  Play your favorite music to motivate you.

My shipping area.  Not to messy really but enough that It would be hard to pretty up a package.

Flint cleans up to.  Pick up your toys doodle!

(I tried to fix his eyes but now he looks crazed! Must of been moms dancing!)

I did want to show you one area of my studio I forgot to in my previous blog.  I have some under desk storage.  Pack it in I say.  This is where I keep all my stones binned by color or if multicolor by their geology like Jasper.

In the meantime........jiggety jig. Off to mess it up!!!!

If you want to hop some of the other blogs here is Sheryls Link to all the hops here. The hop starts March 1st.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Assembly Line Jewelry

Typically I make one piece of jewelry at a time, but when I have a successful design I do try to remake it.  

It is a really good way to capitalize on the success of that design and put it to good use.  It takes less time to make but still gives each piece a 
One Of A Kind 

All of the above pieces basically stem from the same design.  What is different of course are all the lovely goodies that go in it.

Fair Trade Beads

Greek Mykonos

Link from Bead Landing

Greek Mykonos Shell


Industrial Chic at Michaels

I have included the links to many of my suppliers!