Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spot My Necklace Contest on Vampire Diaries

Well What Episode & Who Is Going to Wear It

I Don't Know - Darn!  So Help Me Out!

I was updating some things on my blog and I just realized that I forgot to tell you that my necklace was chosen to be on the Vampire Diaries TV show on the CW.  I was being juried and not sure if I would be chosen as I think only 13 out of 80 items were picked through the Artisan Group Artists.

So I was hoping to hear who and what episode I would be on but I have not gotten that email......Might be that my old email was hacked and had to change ....what a mess!


I made 3 of these necklaces.  I am running a contest and giving away the 3rd one that I made for the show.

To date the necklace has not been on yet.  So dont worry about past episodes.

Have your camera handy and if you spot my necklace take a photo of the TV and post it to my Facebook.

I do believe you have to "LIKE" me to post a photo.

Once the necklace has been spotted I will pick the best photo and send the winner a replica of the necklace.  This is necklace number 3.  I mailed the show 2.

If you see it on their website you can post that but I will be judging by a camera shot of the TV.

Good Luck and make sure to drool over Ian Somerhalder.......I certainly DO!!!


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Friday, January 18, 2013

Why I Love Red Creek Jasper

I absolutely adore Red Creek Jasper!!!!!  

It is simply one of the most varied stone you can buy.  I am amazed at all the various colorations and variegations it comes in. It simply looks like a painting.

Sometimes I am a little confused about what this stone is actually called.  I have seen it called Red Creek, Cherry Creek and Succor Creek Jasper.  Maybe they are different Jaspers but they do have some similarities in the vibrancy in their coloration.

Here is a post by Jewelry Making Daily on Red Creek Jasper.

I most like to use this stone as a pendant.  I think the variety of stones, wood, lampwork, glass, ceramic and art beads you can use with this stone is endless.

I love to find interesting shapes in pendants as I think this can really make a distinctive piece of jewelry.  I do sell some of these rectangle shaped pendants in my shop.  See the link below.

If you haven't used Red Creek Jasper in your Jewelry Designs yet........I am sure when you do you will find that you have a new favorite stone to work with.

Kristin Oppold is a published jewelry artist whose jewelry has been featured in Bead Trends Magazine.  She has designed jewelry for actress Denise Richards and for the television show The Vampire Diaries.  You can find her creations at

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