Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Tea Instead!

ToDaY Is JUst OnE oF tHosE DaYS ThAT THiNGS DoN'T gO As PLannED.
I promise that I won't type like that way thoughout this blog but this is how things are going. uP ANd DOwn. So I started yesterday with this necklace.

This is one of my signiture designs that I make often because they sell.  In fact it is based on the design I sent actress Denice Richards through The Artisan Group.  I have some components on the left that you can see.  Those wavy copper chips.  Well I want to patina them. So I am using some of Metal Me This from Lisa Liddy.  This is my first time using her patina. I am finding out that I am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting for it to dry.  I usually start - design and finish.  Welcome me to the world of Artisan Jewelry Design.  I am a newby and learning.

So while I am waiting for them to dry I pull out the peices of that ugly bracelet that I have been working on to upcycle. Here it is.

I cut this apart and pulled out the wood peices and started to play with it. 

Thought I need to drill some more holes in it.  Go out to the garage to get my Dremel.  Lets just say this is what my husband workbench looks like. 

Okay in all fairness to my husband
We both have struggles with organization.  I show his, well I show is my jewelry desk RIGHT NOW!

So back to the are now getting an inkling into this chaotic mind I have.  So the Dremel, all of my bits are gone!  My son and my husband have gotten into them.  One year my dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said I want a tool box with a lock on it.
So I went to Walmart to buy more, because I am thinking of this upcycled necklace as the first necklace is waiting for its patina's peices.
I come home and cant get the bit out of the dremel. Years of neglet will do that to your tools. 
Okay so I called my son  just like they call me everyday!!!!  Wonder who they got that from!  BEN!!!!!
I am not to proud to say that I used a few choice words while trying to get that darn bit out.
Well big pooh and a half!
Its an old saying and overused and kind of fuddy duddy...
"When life gives you lemons make lemonade"

Well I like to try to think on the positve side so I ask myself as my dremel isn't
working and I can't work on my upcycled necklace and my chips are drying for my new take on the above necklace.

 I Cant Control Those Things Now..........What Can I Control

Instead Of Making Lemonade, Make Tea! and then sit on your deck......

with your puppy

Another day then.......toodles.


  1. Knowing when to say, "Tomorrow is a new day," is a sign you are a well balanced person, Kristin! Loved your blog and your photos. I married "Monk" but I am pretty sure my bloodline follows Oscar Madison from the Odd Couple. Give Flint a belly rub for me! xoxo

    1. You should Blog Maggie I sense a blogger in you!!!! Maybe you do. Post it on my timeline!!!

  2. Oh heavens, you had me giggling! This is how most days are at my house! I have a great joke story about a woman who was looking for her keys, and goes throughout her entire day, getting sidetracked by one thing after another. At the end of the day, she still didn't have her keys! :)

  3. thanks for this funny post... looks like you have a great place to relax and i love your dog!

  4. Ha Ha sounds like one of my days! and believe you me your work bench looks fairly neat compared to mine at the moment! If find every-time I clean it up my creative juices start to go and out comes all the stuff! Thank heavens there is a lock on the door!

  5. Oh, my, that was funny - and so like some of my days :)
    Enjoy your tea!

  6. awww, love your big "puppy"! he's a beauty! i invent swear words when stuff like that happens that a biker bar would PAY for.

    1. bawhahahahahaha I like the new swear word idea!