Tuesday, October 16, 2012

YaY! Jewelry Makes Jewelry for the Vampire Diaries

I have always had a facsination with vampires. I suppose I am drawn to their scary & mysterious magnatism...just like in the shows.

 My first exposure to vampires as a child was when we were living in St. Paul, Minnesota and I remember screaming for my mom in the basement as
came on the black and white television set and I was to scared to get up and turn it off.
Since then Vampires have gotten alot sexier!
 Hello.......Ian Somerhalder!
 He can come over anyday!
I have read all the vampire books and watched all the movies possible...but I would never of dreamed that I would be making some jewelry for the stylist of the
Vampire Diaries TV Series.
I belong to a online juried group that I applied to called The Artisan Group.  When I heard that we had the opportunity to make jewelry for their stylist I jumped on the opportunity. 
I am still in the jurying process here...this is no gaurantee.  So I am sending the stylist 1 necklace and the hope is this....I will get a call back for more ...... my jewelry will be in the TV show which would totally rock and maybe they will like my work so much they will order more.
So I submitted my ideas to my favorite group on facebook.....
These were my designs choices.

I knew I wanted it to be simple so the actress would shine, hip with a hint of old world. 
 I hemmed and hawed for about a week.  Read all of my jewelry friends comments.  Initially I loved number 1 & 3 but I really wanted it to be adjustable.  So then it was 1 & 2.  I love #1 but wondered how functional it would be in an active show.

.........DRUM ROLL.......


What I love about my choice is this, it can be worn in 3 very different styles...it is very versatile. Can be worn right up to the neckline, lower as a dangle or as a pendant. 
 It was a great choice!

 I thank all my jewelry peeps on the Creative Bead Chat for your support when I scratched all my moon pieces and had to order more. My friends were there with advice and suggestions.

 There is a first time for everything....I am not a metal worker so your help and advice was invaluable to me!!!!!!!


Kristin Oppold is a published jewlery artist you can find her jewelry on Etsy at the following website.

She is also on Facebook


  1. How wonderful!! I love the style you chose, and the blood red 'blood drop' bead is fabulous. I'm sure your jewelry will shine on the lucky recipients! Be sure to tell us what show they end up in so we can tune in. xox

  2. I can totally seeing one of the vamps wearing this or the werewolves. Even the witchie poos. Great choice! This is awesome.

  3. Good choice, she can not help but love it.

  4. Oh my - this is so cool - how can it not be chosen!! Crossing my fingers and sending out some good vampire vibes for you girl!! This necklace (all of them actually!) totally ROCK!!

  5. I can't imagine why the stylist wouldn't pick this one as it is the perfect piece--simple, yet makes a huge statement. I love the blood red bead too.

  6. Good luck! They're all beautiful regardless of where you send them but they also really have the right vibe for the show in my opinion.

  7. I'm rooting for you! You made a great piece - they'll be lucky to have it! :-)

  8. It's such a beautiful piece that I can't see how they would fail to pick it. I am crossing my fingers for you.

  9. Yay! I love that one!!
    My fingers and toes are crossed for you. I'm going to follow your blog because I can't wait to find out that you were picked.

  10. I am not into Vampire Diaries, but your piece seems perfect looking at the poster of the TV series!

    I wish you good luck!


  11. I love these! Those glass beads are PERFECT for this design, and the final design you picked is great!

  12. I watch the show and think that these designs would be spot on for it! The final design you picked is great and I think really stunning! Good job!

  13. I already left a comment on this but I am BLOG MOBBING YOU!! Any word on whether you've been selected? I think your design was terrific - they'd be nuts not to pick you!

  14. I am totally crossing my fingers for you too!!!! I love that necklace!!!

  15. I have a vampire obsession too, but haven't quite gotten into the Vampire Diaries series. Your design is quite wonderful though and I wish you ALL THE BEST on this venture. How exciting! :)

  16. You know I'm loving these. Can't wait to see them on the show! I'm rooting for your jewelry to be there.

  17. Awesome :) and yes, vampires have come along way ;) ( although we could do without the whole sparkling variety >.< )

    ( btw this comment brought to you via BlogMob ;) lol )

  18. How awesome! And seasonally relevant! Congratulations!