Friday, June 26, 2015

You Lovely Little Yellow Opal You Need 2 Designs - Mission 2 Simple Yet Interesting

Mission 2 - Simple Yet Interesting

Blog on the versatility of using pendant groupings in your jewelry designs. This is a 2 part blog series.  Click Here for Mission 1 - Earthy Jewelry Design.

The majority of my stone comes from my wonderful friends at Dakota Stones.  I have truly found the most interesting and unique cuts, varieties and drills.  Plus they are 5 minutes from my house....okay I know I have said that before......BUT THEY ARE 5 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE.  Jeff Elvin the owner is truly on the side of the designer....before he heads out on one of excursions to hunt for stone he often sends me a message asking for ideas and wants to know what designers maybe looking for.  Guess what.......everything that I have asked him for he's brought home.  Not only are they interested in what us artists are up to they are just fun!!!!!!! 

They had some really fun advertising at the last Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee.

Anyone with a sign like this is after my purse strings!!!!!!

It is so fun to go to their warehouse.  So if you can ever make it out to their warehouse sales that he has 2 times a year............IT IS WORTH THE TRIP.  Get on their mailing list so you can get the details.

So now on to the business at hand!!!!  I made this Earthy Design below for my first part of this mission.  The general consensus on my blog and on Facebook was to keep the dangles so that is what I am doing.

My next task was to come up with a simple yet interesting design for Mission 2.  Simple is a little more difficult for me to make as all the endless possibilities come to mind.  It has value and is a great way to have the stone take the lead rather than the design.  There is the saying less is more and I am a firm believer in that.  So I do design in both realms.   

(I remade a second necklace for sale...instead of a dragonfly it has a Hill Tribes Fine Silver Flower....same link)

Sunny Disposition Soft Tribal Necklace is simply strung on Beadalon wire with the lovely Yellow Opal, Pineapple Jade, Bone, Hill Tribes Fine Silver Dragonfly and Sterling Chain and hook.  Compare the 2 designs and ask yourself.....Which Design Appeals To You Most?  I bet in the realm of my readers we get a vast array of opinions based on their personalities and style preferences.  I would love to hear from you on which you like and I hope you will comment below as I truly love to hear from my customers and my jewelry associates in crime.

This design is simple yet elegant and the Yellow Opal takes the stage.  Note that I haven't lost my earthy bent in the process of making this.  I have different customers and as long as I can be true to myself I love to design in all realms.  This is why I AM NEVER BORED with jewelry design.

(I remade a second pair for sale...same link)

I even threw in a simple pair of yellow earrings.  I took the smaller stones at the back of the strand and simply wire wrapped them with the Pineapple Jade and set them on some simple handmade sterling silver earring wires.

Look all the Yellow Opal beads I have left!!!!!!!!  Amazing isn't it!  I have at least a necklace or two that I can make and even some earrings. Contemplating a bracelet not sure....hmmmmm it's an interesting location for drill hole for a bracelet.

My point is this ......... these pendant sets are truly versatile!!!!!!  Cost effective if you are a jewelry designer.  Yes you may look at the price and shy away but in the end look how many designs you are getting out of it.


At Dakota Stones last warehouse sale I nabbed a strand of Kunzite Pendant Bead Set in their CLEARANCE BIN.......yes you must dig through that!  Crap now I have some competition.

These are just some of them below as I already made the below design.

Kunzite is a lovely stone.  Not a stone that I would originally gravitate toward mostly because it has a pink sheen in it and I don't typically design in pink.....but it is really growing on me.  So it is very much like Kyanite in its iridescence.  It has some lovely pinks, light greens and creamy whites in its shimmer.

This strand was a little more unusual in that all the edges were rounded.  HINT HINT.....UNUSUAL. That is what I always go for when I buy.  

This does not meet the SIMPLE YET INTERESTING part of the BLOG.......ok maybe the interesting.  I threw this design together last night as nothing on the television was grabbing my attention but designing another necklace.

(This necklace recently sold but I have a different one in the works)

This is a new design for me and I am really liking the play of the texture over the smooth of the Kunzite.  I like the soft and hard mix, its interesting to me.  This piece is hand knotted with 4 ply waxed linen in Kunzite, African Turquoise, Carved Jade and I added a handmade copper clasp.

These pendant grouping are versatile and cost effective for designers....the above photo of the Kunzite is what I have left over from the strand after I made Polynesian Queen Necklace.

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Thanks for coming to read my blog..... I know its been sending out cricket noises for awhile......guess I'd rather design jewelry than blog.  I would love to have some new followers, as that is sending out cricket noises to.  You can follow on the right side of the blog.

Its all about creative play......till next time.

 kiss kiss ------- Kristin


  1. I felt certain when I read your first blog that I would prefer the simpler design. That strand of yellow opals is so beautiful just in the first picture temporarily strung! But I surprised myself by liking your earthy design more. I am already a huge fan of your look, and you just know how to use the stones to their best advantage. I do like the simpler look as well, and it has given me some ideas for my Dakota Stones (I got my first strands this spring at a bead show!). These were fun blogs to read - I love the Kunzite necklace as well.

    1. Thanks Ann....I really love the challenge of trying to use these pendant strands to the advantage of multiple pieces along with interesting designs. I am hoping to blog a little more this year. Like I said I love to design jewelry more than blog.....surprise surprise.