Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You Lovely Little Yellow Opal You Need 2 Designs - Mission 1 Earthy Jewelry Design

Many of you know that I love love love Dakota Stones.  I am so fortunate to have them about 5 minutes from my house.  

So I was on my way to see how my girl Tia's vacation went and like in the movie Up I did a "SQUIRREL" when I saw the above Yellow Opal Pendant Strand.

Dakota Stones knows me well.....I usually go right from their warehouse to my jewelry studio and make quick work of their awesome stone.

So when I was contemplating what I would make, of course the typical design always comes to mind.  There always lies my dilemma.  What to do?  Do I treat it in the usual way by what you see here or do I try something unique.  I love earthy design first and foremost but I also see the value in the simplest of design to show off this lovely stone.  So I decided to make 2 designs out of this to show you that these pendant sets are so versatile.

This is Blog 1 Mission Earthy Design.  

I didn't have hole size on my side on these pendant sets so my original design idea wasn't going to work.  I was afraid to enlargen the hole with my Eurotool Electric Bead Reamer as Opal is typically a little more delicate.  So I played around with the design and how I was going to group some of the pendants in an interesting and earthy way.  After quite a few is my start.  

I did consult with Staci Smith on a few design points.....thank you Staci!  It is always helpful to have some kindred spirits in your corner and she is one of them. So I knew I was going to do the above so the next question was......What are the sides going to look like or am I really at the sides yet?  So I layed a strand of Citrine that I also purchased at Dakota Stones and I am like Hmmmmmmm.  Kind of liking that.

I have been playing with some bib style designs with my tying lately.  

I thought I wonder if I can do a modified bib style design with these pendants......the wheels are churning!!!!!

So here is what I came up with for my first design.

I am still debating on one point....the dangles at the bottom.  Have them or not.  Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.  I can easily cut off the bottom beads so one could see more of the Yellow Opal. Hmmmmmmm??????? What do you think?

 Island Sunset can be purchased here.

It has a lovely lay on the neckline.

So stay tuned for my next blog using these Yellow Opal in an interesting yet simple design.

You can find my designs here.

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  1. This is gorgeous!! Leave the dangles - I'm a sucker for dangles.

    1. That seems to be the consensus from all the comments on Facebook. The next design be interesting to blog on.

  2. That necklace is stunning, great design!

    Claire xo
    Beads Jar UK

  3. Love the dangles! I really love the terra cotta against the opal! Gorgeous :D

    1. Well I have to be honest for me its a little more busy than I like to design but I went with the flow and sometimes you must just let it happen.

  4. WOW! Gorgeous, Kristin! Spectacular piece! The browns really bring out the rest of the colors.

  5. Wow. This necklace is gorgeous. Can't wait to see blog #2!

    1. Thanks Ann....I have some pieces done now just have to photo and work on the blog.