Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Krista Artista Gallery Trunk Show in Picturesque Anoka Minnesota

I recently had a trunk show 
Anoka Minnesota.  

Anoka Minnesota is a lovely blue collar river city with picturesque bluffs and an old world feel. 

 I have been in this gallery under a year and I have developed quite the following up there.  I guess it is not surprising when you look at the community.  I love it!  They have all kinds of lovely little shops, antique, clothing boutiques just my kind of shopping place.  It is alluring to the eye.  So I made some jewelry for my new trunk show that is alluring to the eye.

Good Morning Sunshine Necklace - Sold

This was the necklace I wore to the show and this was my favorite one so I kind of shed a tear when I sold it.  I know though it is in the hands of a very appreciative owner.  Just this year I have begun my goal into making some of my own jewelry components.  This is a long necklace and that copper swirling shape is one I have been remaking and playing with in different styles.  This is my first long necklace and I think it works quite well.  Although it is asymmetrical the balance of the swirl is offset but the Titanium treated Druzy at the side.  I love the cheerful feel of the necklace.  Brings that fun song to mind, "Because I'm Happy" by Pharrell Williams.  It is how I felt when I made it.  I added some really fun lampwork beads by studioJules, 2 types of corals, Greek Mykonos and Sunstone.  It's a Happy Necklace.

It is refreshing to see people get my earthy interesting style.  I live south of the river, southern metro area and lets just say these ladies like their bling.  Blingy Jeans and Blingy Jewelry.  Nothing wrong with a little sparkle but sparkle really isn't my forte.  I love very earthy, textural jewelry that focuses on stone and mixed media.  I love to incorporate lampwork beads in my work.  The necklace below is my Wigwam Necklace.  Working with some very flowing copper shapes that I made and adding my unique bent to it.   The lampwork is from Donna Millard and is gorgeous!!!

Wigwam Necklace

I added some really great stone into this design.  The AAA quality Kyanite is from Dakota Stones as is the Angelite and Bronzite Nuggets.  I also added some Ostritch Egg Shell beads, wood and a super spikey pendant from Scorched Earth.  This is really a fun and sexy necklace on.  

African Trade Beads Necklace

Not everyone is into long necklaces so I had to make this short tied necklace that has been in my head for quite sometime.  I purchased these lovely Blue and White African trade beads at the Rings N Things show.  I wanted to make a necklace with my twisting tying technique but without the large pendant.  So this is a spin off of that style.  This necklace has some brass beads to the front but at the back I added some fine silver bead caps and clasp from Hill Tribes Silver.  I twisted in some bone and Lapis beads from Dakota Stones.

Of course I made some earrings to match!!!!!!!  But I am all about the necklaces!  I could make them 24 hours a day.

None of the jewelry here is in my shop yet.  I will be adding styles like these to my shop the week after Mothers Day.

The one thing that I really like is how the styles you come up with can spin off into similar pieces and that is what I have going on here.  Cant wait to delve in and make more longer styles with the copper!!!!!

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