Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looky Looky I Made The Front Cover Of Bead Chat Magazine

I joined a Facebook group of jewelry artists a little over a year ago called Artisan Whimsy.  This group started on facebook and has since then also started a Ning Group and now began putting out this lovely magazine you see below. Link just below.

Bead Chat Magazine

It is full of fabulous eye candy, education, inspirational stories on artist and artisan component sellers.

My favorite part about this group is the friends I have made.  I now have 100's of beading friends across the world!!!!!  They are supportive and have taught me so many things.  I credit this group for encouraging me to become published for the first time and for expanding my skills.

It was very exciting to head to my group one morning to see what everyone was up to (one of my daily activities) and to my surprise I see my earrings made the front cover!

Thank you Artisan Whimsy Team......I know how much work this magazine has been!

These earrings are made with some lovely components by Scorched Earth on Etsy.

They also gave in a lovely 2 page spread with my Scorched Earth Earrings and my Chunky Pearl Statement Necklaces.

I love the interview they did with Heidi Kingman.....she is one of my new friends that I made through The Artisan Group.  She is inspiring as she is always educating herself and trying new things.  She really puts what she learns to work.  She is amazing technically!

Thank you Artisan Whimsy for using me on the front cover and inspiring me to become more!!!!


  1. Congratulations! As soon as I saw the cover of Bead Chat, I pinned it because I love those earrings. I hadn't even read it yet to know that you had made them. Very nice!