Monday, June 17, 2013

More Buttons Please!


I have a new LOVE.


These lovely buttons and beads are made by

Lisa Peters Russ 


Lisa Peters Art 

I was at my very first Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee and the first art bead seller on my list was Lisa Peters Art.  She had been teasing us all week with her fabulous work before the show.

I was even going to her website here to see if she had posted any but sniff she was saving them all for the 
Bead & Button Show.  So I was very lucky I got to go.

Here is my first creation I made.

For now this one is MINE!

What drew me to her was her color palate and textural aspect of her work.  I had no idea what I was going to be making with them.  But I started with this one....thinking of a bracelet BUT
it turned into a necklace instead and quite the wonderful necklace it is.  

This one is for sale and can be purchased here.

Then after my first creative splurge came to fruition I made this one with Lapis, Dumortierite, Wood, Chinese Crystals and all tied up with waxed linen.  I called this one Ancient Protector.  This beautiful Lapis that is from Dakota Stones is said to have protection qualities in ancient time.

This last one I kept a little more simple with Czech Glass and some Dumortierite Stones. Added a little bling with some Swarovski Crystals.

I also recently bought this very cool lampwork button from my Bead Soup partner Julie Bowen at The Bead Bash at the Mall of America. 

This is my stash of buttons & beads from Lisa Peters Art that I am very excited to have and am planning on working with in the near future.

So more jewelry with buttons to come!

Looking for my jewelry made with these lovely buttons you can find me on Etsy here.

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  1. Oh wow oh wow love them all and love the looks of things to come!

  2. You found some gorgeous things! Sounds like your first venture to B&B was a success :)

  3. Those are wonderful pieces you made! Lisa's work is so fantastic and you've just done them up proud. Love them. Thanks.

    1. Easy to do great work with these lovely buttons!!!!! I am looking forward to buying more.

  4. Kristin I love what you are doing with the buttons. I like you am a huge fan of Lisa and it is so awesome to see her buttons come to life.

  5. Absolutely beautiful work! I am glad you discovered Lisa's buttons because your creations do them justice. Brava!

  6. Wow. How beautiful. Just discovered your work / blog and am entranced!

  7. Just discovered your work and blog; am enthralled! Lovely!!

  8. I've been noticing Lisa's wonderful buttons for a while now - need to get my hands on some :)
    I love the pieces you made with them - I'm just crazy about that leaf necklace!

    1. Thanks so much! I love her work and cant wait to do more with what I bought at the Bead & Button show.