Saturday, June 1, 2013

Designing Jewelry for Dakota Stones

YaY! Jewelry Designs For Dakota Stones

Jeff Elvin & Tia

Dakota Stones is one of my favorite places to buy my stones.  They have excellent quality, unique shapes, cuts, drills and finishes, They also have some interesting and hard to find stones. So when Jeff Elvin asked if I would design some jewelry with his new circular beads the answer was a no brainer.


He is having a product launch with ART BEADS.  He wanted me to design some jewelry with certain beads that they were adding to their online store to give their customers some ideas of what to do with some of his new wavy circular beads.

When I asked him if I could go around and pick out some stones to go along......well lets just say, I had a tray full.  I was a little nervous showing him my tray and he said.  You obviously have something in mind, go for it.  When I got home and looked at the receipt I was a bit mortified, so I emailed him and told him that I would bring back any strands that I didn't cut into.  He simply said not to worry and to have fun.


Those that design jewelry know that having choices is a blessing.  My journey of jewelry design did not start that way.  I use to peruse the thrift stores for cast off jewelry and or beads.  
I still do that.  


Simply Stated Necklace

So here is my first design I made with 14 gauge copper wire and some of his Rose Quartz Wavy Circular Beads. I simply wire wrapped 2 disk beads in and hammered and shaped the copper wire.  I added double chains to each side and a toggle clasp. Simple and sweet.

Desert Sunset Bracelet

Jeff asked me to make a clasp with these Picasso Jasper wavy circles.  I decided to make a bracelet with a copper bar that I textured.  I punched holes in the copper so that part of the disks would hang over the side of the copper bar. This is all tied with waxed linen, Yellow Jade, Citrine and Picasso Jasper wavy circles. I like the asymmetry and the off centered beads on the copper, makes the bracelet a bit unexpected.

Bubbling Brook Necklace

Etched and Patina focal made by me with Vintaj Patina's

Copper clasp made with copper and matte Amazonite beads

For the Bubbling Brook Necklace Jeff gave me some matte finished Amazonite rounds and some Black and Gold Amazonite Cubes and a lovely Rocky Butte pendant.  I made a handmade copper clasp for this design with some of his stones.  I etched and patina'd a piece of copper to set of the color of the beads.

My Minds Eye Necklace 

Clasp made with Rose Quartz & Carnelian Wavy Disks

 Stacked Carnelian and Rose Quartz Circular Disks with a lovely Fossil Coral Pendant

I am in love with organic looking jewelry.  This necklace has a lot of great quality beads.  Including Rose Quartz, Carnelian , White Lace Red Jasper, Pink Moonstone, Fossil Coral - the only thing that isn't from Dakota Stones in this design are the metal elements and the chunky coral.  This design is all tied with waxed linen and I made a handmade clasp with the Carnilian & Rose Quartz circular beads.

Handmade copper clasp 

Wink Ring - Picasso Jasper Wavy Circle Bead

My very first ring!  I made to resemble an eye called "Wink".  I took the Picasso Jasper Wavy Circles and organically wire wrapped this simple ring with 20 gauge and 26 gauge copper wire.  The copper is patina's with liver of sulfur.

Sweet Love Bracelet

Rose Quartz Wavy Circles & Pyrite

This is a triple strand randomly place Rose Quartz and Pyrite Bracelet.  I added a sweet love finding for the clasp.  Tied with waxed linen.

Some simple earrings

And last but not least.

Pick Me Some Flowers Bracelet

With this bracelet I patina'd this mesh element with Verdigris & Rust Guilders Paste. I added the Carnelian wavy circle as a flower element.  I attached these using Microfasteners.  Stones are Amazonite, Blue Green Quartz, Red Creek Jasper, Yellow Jade and a few Swarovski Crystals for some sparkle.

All of the stone used in these designs are from Dakota Stones. 
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  1. WOW~ what an amazing gift from Dakota Stones. You did it justice Kristin, your work is always lovely and I love the way you think out of the box. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey thanks was really fun to do!!!! Hope they ask me again!

  2. Gorgeous work as always, Kristin. I really love the one with the etched and patina focal made with Vintaj Patinas

  3. Absolutely stunning pieces - I really can't decide which is my fav. You are so talented. I love those wavy discs - hopefully he will be selling them online. Your choice of beads is wonderful - so earthy. Wish you would do a tutorial on knotting.

    1. That would be a good idea Susan. Maybe this summer when my daughter is home she can take the photos. I do think that there is one on the Artisan Whimsey website by Grace Neff. I use Dumont Tweezers and swear by them for knotting. But really any pearl tying tweezer will & pointy!

    2. Susan, glad to hear you're interested!
      We (Dakota Stones) will be launching a few styles of the wave coins this Thursday. Check the site soon... you'll see some of these designs featured in the header:

  4. Dakota Stones are so beautiful!! I love all of your jewelry but I think my favorite one out of this new bunch is the Pick Me Some Flowers Bracelet. Its perfect!