Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Love Me A Vampire Necklace Contest

The Vampire Diaries Television Show will soon be airing my necklace and we will be looking for it!!!!!


 Here is what you do to win.

1 - Comment here with the below things you have done.
2 - Follow my blog.
3 - Like my Facebook.
4 - Watch the show and have your camera handy, take the best photo of the television when you see it.
5 - Post that to my Facebook page. by March 29th 12:00 noon central time.  I will be picking the winner shortly after that.
6 - For bonus points please share this contest and my Facebook page.

If you don't want to do the contest no fretting you can own an exact replica of it as they are now on Etsy.

This sexy necklace can be worn at different lengths!

Good Luck!!!!!

Get your photos of the necklace on Facebook on the 29th!!!!!  I am picking the winner on that day.

I just wanted you all to know that I will be MIA from March 30th - April 4th....note that the contest is on and I will get the winner their prize post hast when back in action.


  1. I already like your page and I am now following you!!

  2. New follower from the Bead Soup Party.
    I LOVE the Vampire Diaries and you are so lucky to have had one of your necklaces adorn one of the characters.
    Do you know which episode it was? I hate I did not find your blog sooner.

    If you like the show, you might like to follow my "Vampire Diaries" Pin Board

    You have some wonderful designs!

    Happy Sales
    Dean Designs

    1. Tracie sorry I am so late in responding. I forgot to moderate my comments!!!!!! So it was on Season 4 Episode 18 called American Gothic. It was worn by Claire Holt who plays Rebekah.

  3. I'm now following your blog. I watched carefully with camera by my side, but missed it some how. Can't wait to see what someone else caught.

    1. You can still watch the episode if you go to my latest blog on it. I have a link to the show so people can watch it.

  4. I'm already liking your page. I did a text shot last week to see how it turned out. Gonna need to do some tweaking with the camera. I'm on ready!

  5. Kristin, I'm following your blog, like your facebook page and my camera is ready. I'll be posting the best pic I can get on your facebook page Friday morning! Yay!!

  6. Share, Followed and Already like :)Cant wait to see it.

  7. Ok, I posted to your fb page. I think my picture is the best, imho, LOL