Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Do You Make For A Beautiful Actress!

About a year ago I applied to a group called the Artisan Group.  It is a juried group of many artists that gift their creations to actresses & actors individually and at different award ceremonies like the Golden Globes or CMA Awards plus many others.  It was exciting to be accepted into their talented pool of artists.

I really didn't pursue any of the gifting until recently.  I was fortunate to get in on gifting
 Denise Richards and her children.  So I looked at pictures and thought wow!

1- She is beautiful.
2- She is very minimalistic in her jewelry.
3- She doesn't need jewelry it would detract from her earthy effortless look.

So I searched the internet and read what I could about her.  I did find her in some jewelry.  One picture of her had a very long necklace that hung down to her navel and looked fabulous on her.  She had a bit of a rocker vibe in that picture. So I thought I could do something edgy.  I also found a picture of her wearing a menagerie chain necklace, which gave me a little more hope.  Maybe ...... I can actually design a necklace for her or send her one of my signiture styles.

So I started to design her a faux pearl (she is vegan) Tie Chi necklace....it is a design idea that I have been playing with and I thought with her simplistic style she could wear it with many things and pearls would look lovely on her.  The design was based on this original look.

This was a fairly new look that I have been playing with and not really tested yet so I doubted my decision. Plus I thought the whole pearl thing felt a bit boring.  I went back to some of my original work and put together some choices and decided to elicit the help of my new friends at the CBC / Creative Bead Chat and I also posted it to The Artisan Group.

The consensus was the top right at the CBC and the bottom right at The Artisan Group.  I decided to go with my beady friends.  Many of these artists are published and have writen books and I can only emmulate and hope for a mustard seed of their talent someday!

So Denise Richards is getting the upper right necklace with the help of my creative friends.

 I hope she likes it!

 This is my first design getting sent to an actress.  I am not gauranteed a photo of her wearing it or even a note, but if you do see her wearing it


 I will definetly be scouring the interenet for that elusive photo of her wearing it if she does.


  1. How fun. I always wondered how that works. Great job. She
    will love it.

  2. What a beautiful choice. I adore your jewelry and am sure she loved it! I'll keep my eye out for photos of her wearing it....wouldn't that be fun to see!! Keep up the good work in making the world a prettier place. ~ Patti

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