Friday, July 27, 2012

YaY! Jewelry is Dakota Stones Featured Designer

How exciting to be shopping in and have one of my favorite stone suppliers so close to me.  Dakota Stones is only about 15 minutes from my house and surprising enough my first time shopping in their actual store was this spring.  I have always just shopped with them at their local shows like the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar and the G & LW Gem and Lapidary Show.

This time shopping I got to talking with Jeff the owner about stones and publications and was sharing with him about my excitement about being published in the upcoming issues of Bead Trends Magazine.  He shared with me that they were going to have a new website launch and were interested in featuring some local designers and asked if I was interested.  OF COURSE!

One of the things I find the most interesting about Dakota Stones is the unique shapes and drills they offer in their stones.  You look for Canadian Jade and you find, rounds, ovals, nuggets, squares, simple cuts, name it.  See those uniquely cut Kyanite...guess where I bought that.....I had to make a second trip back to get those.  Their show room is fabulous and they are open to the public if you have a tax ID and if they are in you can shop. So if you are in Minneapolis area make sure to visit them. They have 2 actual sales in their shop a year with 50 - 60% off or more, one is in the fall and one in the spring so get on their mailing list!!!!

One of the new features to their website is their Knowledge Center.  I know that I will be visiting this to help me identify stones.  I often by stone in a show and forget to ask what it is or forget or as stones go especially Jasper goes there are so many sub- catagories that they look alike or have more than one name for a stone.  I think this section will be very helpful to the jewelry artist.

If you want to read my interview by Dakota Stones and visit their new website check out the following links.


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