Sunday, July 1, 2012

Creative Bead Chat - Sun & Sea Challenge Reveal

It is amazing to me how many hats artists have to wear today!!!!  Here is my technology hat...the blog!  Not perfect but it is perfectly imperfect as I am.  Thanks Marla for helping me get this up and running for the CBC Sun & Sea Challenge & Reveal.

Marla and I exchanged messages during this challenge....she was probably wondering who this ditsy jewelry artist was and why did we pick her.

You see when I first started this challenge I was trying to get all the beads into one piece!!!!

3 HOURS later I was frustrated and ready to throw into the of course the last case scenario when all else fails ASK!

So I messaged Marla and she says no rules!  I post to CBC and Melinda Orr says no rules!  What is a natural born rule follower suppose to do.  No Guidelines, No Rules.  YIPPEE! Okay I have to be honest I really am not a rule follower but I do my best to conform as much as I can.  Yeh right!

If I cheated at all and didn't follow the rules it was on this last set. Oh yeh there were no rules!  I tried with all my heart to make those oval Mother of Pearl beads fit into the above necklace but alas I just couldn't make it happen.

The one thing I have learned about jewelry design is to trust my vision and instincts. This last jewelry set has only Melinda Orr's Artisan pieces and beads in it.  I really love how it turned out.  I love the octopi legs creeping around on the Green Girl ring.  Thought it paired nicely with Melinda Orr's the sun and moon feel it gave while adding a little sea with the beach pebbles and mother of pearl beads.

This was a memorable challenge for me and it couldn't of come at a better time.  My mother was dying of Pancreatic Cancer at the time.  It gave me something to focus on other than my mom dying and gave me permission to be happy. She has since passed on June 3rd in the arms of her family. I wasn't really able to tell her about what I was doing towards the end as her mind was on the task of dying.  I know she is at peace in her heavenly body and in my heart I hear her saying how proud she is of me. Love you mom!!!!!

To see the other Jewelry Artists designs in this challenge go to the following blogs.

You ladies ROCK!!!!!

Thanks to the following for their donation of supplies for this challenge and the priviledge to work with them.

Marla's James -
Melinda Orr -
J-Lynn Jewels -
Karen Totten -
Kathleen Robinson - Young -
Karyn Lewis Bonfiglio -


  1. All of your creations are beautiful! My favorite piece is that first necklace with all the wonderful colors. Isn't it fun to have no rules to follow!

    I'm so sorry about your mom's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Your jewelry is AMAZING! And I'm really sorry about your mom. :-(

  3. Wonderful designs & so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. :(

  4. Kristin, I love your take on the pieces. It has been so much fun checking out what other designers did with the fabulous pieces we were given... and NO RULES (except for when to reveal!)

  5. Awesome, I love your work... Creative Designs by Cheri.....

  6. These are all beautiful pieces - and I love the last pair of earrings - sweet little pearl dangles! I find that beading is very cathartic - have been keeping you in my prayers...take care!

  7. Welcome to the world of blogging, you'll be a pro in no time. Take care and keep sharing your work with us.