Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Bead Soup Is Here


Looking forward to playing with my lovely mix of artisan handmade glass beads by Patricia Johnson my Bead Soup Partner. I love some of the earthy mix she added......I love to work with a little earth!

She sent me a lovely glass fused bowl, made with some printer enamels.....so she is really truly a recycler and she sent me some really great pieces that are from some recycled parts!!!!!  So I know I will have some fun playing.

Here is the Soup I sent Patricia.

Shoot I think I might of forgotten to photograph the Basalt Heart.  I hope I sent it.  Okay I love to send a little Minnesota to my partners note the Basalt Clasp from TFBEADSTORE here in Minnesota and from the shores of Lake Superior. I did send her multiple items for her to use as the focal bead...so left that up to her.  I etched some copper and drilled some stone to add a little me to the mix.  I can't wait to see what she creates.

Phew! I stole this photo from her blog....I did send the heart!!!!

Soups On!!!!!!


  1. I love it - especially the bone beads! Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Wow, beautiful and striking pieces, Kristin :)

  3. Oh wow - what a fun pot of bead soup you have gotten!! Yummy.

  4. Awesome - what a wonderful soup to play with!

  5. What a fun soup! So many different things to play with.