Friday, February 7, 2014

Assembly Line Jewelry

Typically I make one piece of jewelry at a time, but when I have a successful design I do try to remake it.  

It is a really good way to capitalize on the success of that design and put it to good use.  It takes less time to make but still gives each piece a 
One Of A Kind 

All of the above pieces basically stem from the same design.  What is different of course are all the lovely goodies that go in it.

Fair Trade Beads

Greek Mykonos

Link from Bead Landing

Greek Mykonos Shell


Industrial Chic at Michaels

I have included the links to many of my suppliers!



  1. I tend to work assembly line with earrings, but this is a great idea with these lovely larger pieces as well, Kristin :)

    1. Thanks Monique I do like to have those designs that have sold well in my back pocket...The hard part of the designing is done so now you can just add in the interesting components.

  2. What a great source of inspiration! I love how they may be the same design base, but each one is still so unique! *Ü*

    1. Thanks Lori. It pays to visit successful designs over and over again. If they have a history of sales, we can still keep them fresh and unique with all the components.

  3. Gorgeous and still deliciously one-of-a-kind! Your work inspires us all!