Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Back

I'm Back

Well at least as back as I can be.  Some of you knew that I am now living on a lake and to be more specific Prior Lake.

We had been looking for a lake home for over a year and saving our pennies.  One of my wish lists was to have a dedicated studio with a attached garage and cement floor.  Look out you might get what you ask for.  I have a view of my lake from my studio window and an attached garage and cement floor!!!!  WooooHooo.  

I am still moving in so more photos on that later.  But after being closed for more than 2 months to sell, move and clean my new and old house, along with my recovery from frozen shoulder.  I am now back open with an exciting new line of jewelry!

Between the Lines Collection

Some exciting things will be happening with this line in 2014 but mums the word on that until March!!!!!

In the meantime you can find many of these designs in my shop. 

Inspired by my sisters love of Willie Nelson with some added Whimsey.

I love to use Artisan Made Beads.  

Bubby McGurk, Angel Whisperer, Scorched Earth and some really lovely high quality stones from Dakota Stones in these designs.

More To Come!  So Glad To Be Back In The Saddle!

OK I couldn't resist !!!!


  1. Congratulations Melinda to realizing your dream!! That's awesome. I can say that living on a lake is highly inspirational, but also highly distracting. :-) Enjoy!

  2. Your designs are amazing as usual. Congratulations on your new house! I am glad when I here someone's dream has come true :)

    1. It is pretty unreal that sometimes you get what you ask for!!!! I am very fortunate for sure!

  3. Great stuff and many congrats on your dream place! Thanks for the shout out too. I'm loving your new designs. Xo Kim

  4. Glad you are back!!! You were missed!!!