Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What To Wear Wednesday

Picking jewelry and taking the time to get it right can take time.  Because I am a jewelry artist I am always being the good marketer and thinking who will see what I am wearing and where will I be.  So I do spend a little time picking out what I wear before I leave the house as this is the nature of my business.  I have sold jewelry off of my neck so it is worth a little extra time for me.  

Going monochromatic really is the easiest way to pick your jewelry.  So if you are in a hurry go that route. Shades can be on the same spectrum.  If you have more time think about a complimentary color or multicolored.

This azure blue dress by Anthropologie is very striking.  It has a carefree flow to it and I think goes perfect with Cherrie Fick's lovely beach themed necklace and matching earring from her Etsy Shop called Enlalumiere.  I can picture this well put together lady walking on the boardwalk shopping her favorite shops and heading to her local coffee shop.  I think she would turn the heads of many ladies.  Yes, I say ladies as we really notice what women are wearing.

Cherrie's Necklace can be purchased Here and Earrings Here.

Anthtopologie's Solana Dress Can be purchased Here.

The above peachy pink color happens to be a favorite of mine as of late and I think it has more to do with my love of Sunstone than of really the color itself.  Color or stone this lovely sheer top from Anthropologie would be a great summer staple for those hot humid summer days.  Set this with a lovely chunky statement necklace from YaY! Jewelry to add some vavoom to this relatively conservative top and I think you have a great mix.  I think copper has a great constrast for the softness of the color.  This necklace will give this top just the right amount earthy carefree feel with the Fossil Coral, Sunstone and Riverstone while at the sometime making a big statement. And this is a 

YaY! Jewelry's Necklace can be purchased HERE and Earrings Here.

This lovely feminine Janie Tunic can be purchased HERE.

I hope you are enjoying my What To Wear Wednesdays.  I love fashion and its evolving nature,  it always keeps my jewelry thinking fresh and innovative.  God permitting I will be making jewelry for my lifetime.


  1. Great post Kristin, Thanks so much for including my necklace and earrings. It makes me want to put up more accessory boards. "Follow the Light" Cherrie

    1. Glad you liked it Cherrie. Hope I did your necklace justice!!!!

  2. Love this post and the combinations you put together. Cherrie's jewelry and yours go fabulous w/what you have chosen! I like doing things like this (wardrobe assessments) for my clients because it really does help with designing, it's just fun to play 'dress up'!! :-)

  3. What a great combination! Love that vibrant blue and Cherrie's necklace is perfect with it! Your fashion boards are great, Kristin!