Thursday, April 11, 2013

Woop There It Is

YaY! Jewelry's Necklace Featured on The Vampire Diaries

Watching vampire shows is not chore for me.  I have always love vampire shows.  When I was given the opportunity to make a necklace for the show through The Artisan Group, I jumped on the chance.  It was a long wait and I had many people watching the show along with me. 

 My necklace finally graced the neck of actress Claire Holt who plays Rebecah.  It was featured on Season 4 Episode 18 called American Gothic.

Did you miss this Episode here is the link to watch it.

I was super lucky that my necklace was featured in a daytime episodes as we got many good shots of it.

Claire Holt might not like some of the shots but I think she would look beautiful wearing anything really and with any facial expression.


This necklace is for purchase in Kristin Oppolds Shop on Etsy.

Linda Hanes was the winner of my contest to win this necklace.  Congrats Linda, enjoy!!!!


  1. I just got the necklace in the mail! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. thanks so much! Only thing is when i wear it I don't look like Claire. Bummer. Haha

  2. Oh wow, Kristin - so happy she wore your necklace and you got some good shots of her in it (I think they're good!) that's very awesome! And, it's such a cool necklace, too!!

  3. So happy for you and glad you got some good shots of Claire wearing it, too - I think they're good shots! Way awesome necklace too! This is very cool!

  4. I love the show and I am so jealous of you at this!!
    I think your necklace is beautiful.

    Happy Crafting