Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spot My Necklace Contest on Vampire Diaries

Well What Episode & Who Is Going to Wear It

I Don't Know - Darn!  So Help Me Out!

I was updating some things on my blog and I just realized that I forgot to tell you that my necklace was chosen to be on the Vampire Diaries TV show on the CW.  I was being juried and not sure if I would be chosen as I think only 13 out of 80 items were picked through the Artisan Group Artists.

So I was hoping to hear who and what episode I would be on but I have not gotten that email......Might be that my old email was hacked and had to change ....what a mess!


I made 3 of these necklaces.  I am running a contest and giving away the 3rd one that I made for the show.

To date the necklace has not been on yet.  So dont worry about past episodes.

Have your camera handy and if you spot my necklace take a photo of the TV and post it to my Facebook.

I do believe you have to "LIKE" me to post a photo.

Once the necklace has been spotted I will pick the best photo and send the winner a replica of the necklace.  This is necklace number 3.  I mailed the show 2.

If you see it on their website you can post that but I will be judging by a camera shot of the TV.

Good Luck and make sure to drool over Ian Somerhalder.......I certainly DO!!!


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  1. Your work is yummy... those earring on the cup look like blueberries and i love your necklace.. sherilyn butler

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  3. Yes wanted to tell you all not to fret if you don't win the necklace you can purchase one on Etsy shortly. I am currently making 14 that will be for sale.