Monday, August 3, 2015

The Ever Revolving Propeller

Jewelry artists are busy people who wear many hats.  We are designers, blogger, accountants, shippers, secretaries, sales people, purchasing agents and event coordinators.  Its a wonder our studios end up in the shape they do.  There is never enough time in the day for it all.  

It trickles into our daily life to with all the hats we wear....sometimes its frozen pizza Friday 3 days a week when we are in crunch time with shows looming. As my husband reminded me that he had Pizza 3 times last week!  WHAT!!!!!  Did you forget the Turkey Burgers and The Roasted Vegetables  and I cooked for dinner the night before my biggest show of the year and that I put on a party with over 25 kids for my daughters 16th Birthday this week!!! Hmph!  I reminded him he could of heated up the leftovers instead of throwing in another pizza........pssst I think he likes Pizza!

There is nothing that motivates me more to clean my studio than a big jewelry & prayer bead show.  One of the big reasons is that after getting ready for a show my studio gets to a point there is no walking space available. I really hate tripping over things. Its very cleansing to finally have the time and to take a breathe.


That being said most creatives will tell you that they work best in a mess!!!!!  
THATS ME!!!!  
When all the candy is out it's like a running propeller in my mind......playing with ideas and it keeps going and going. Seeing all the colors, shapes and textures is really inspiring for me. It's amazing to me that my mind can work through the chaos of what is in front of me.

But it does become more stressful when you have a 2x2 inch work space on your table!!!!!  HAHAHAHA and darn it then it becomes necessary to take care of business.

Recently I just had the most successful show I have ever had!!!!!! 
All the more inspiring to me to clean it up and think about my future and what I may want to move into now that I have a little extra money to invest.

My all around work space!!!!

My business and shipping center.

In the works is my metal smithing area. Slow progress here but its coming around.

Storage and Display Area

Note all the empty busts....guess I will be filling those up!!!!!  Yipee!

One of the most exciting parts about cleaning my studio this time around was that I rearranged.  I always wanted a living space in my studio to veg....drink Netflix and visit with my customer, which I sometimes have over.  I remember Heather Powers posted "What Does Your Dream Studio Look Like"?  If I can remember I said.... 1) Space to work all around me 2) A couch to take a nap 3) A television.  This was quite a few years ago and I had number 1 at the time.  When I started I only had a small drafting table in the corner of my dining room.

The couch and chair were given to me by my parents many years ago and I always wanted to put them in my studio....but didn't know if I ever would have the living space. So when we moved it was so exciting to have some room but I never really took the time to play with arranging till now and it couldn't of worked out better!!!

We all need a liquid motivation center in our studios!!!!

I even have an inspiration board now!!!!!  Empty now but not for long.  Thanks Emily Greer for the idea!!!!

Of course Flint has his special spot still and even a toy box now!!!!!!!!!  

Hello Flint!!!!
Now I just have to teach him how to pick up!!!

Time for some tea, puppy snuggles and more jewelry making!!!!!

Feeling Blessed!!!!!

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